If you’re a brand interested in any form of Sponsorship from Shauna, please read the following!

Statistics & Followers!

(As of August 5th 2017, blog started in February 2017!)

Total Blog Views – 17,000

Monthly Blog Views – 4000+

Daily Blog Views – 200+

Twitter – 1063

Instagram – Combined, 90,000+

Product Reviews!

I am more than happy to do product reviews if I feel that the product is suited to my audience and it is something they will all benefit.

All reviews will be written by me and I will clearly show where the product came from, by providing links throughout the post. If I feel it does not fit my blog, I have the right to decline an offer. If I’m receiving a product to review, I generally will not charge any extra for the blog post.

Sponsored post!

If you’re looking for me to do a sponsored blog post about your company, I am more than happy to do so at a price of £15. This covers the time it takes to write the blog post and anything else such as images that will need to be included and also includes the promotion of the post which will be on my Instagram and Twitter, the stats of which you can find above.

I am more than happy to consider doing sponsored posts, so if you have any in mind, please do not hesitate to email me at! Please note that I will only do a sponsored post if I feel it fits with my readership, and whilst my blog is related to Harry Potter, if you are a company outside of that element and still want a sponsored post, please email me and we will discuss the options!