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Nowadays, you can’t turn a corner without seeing someone with a subscription box that comes each month full of goodies. I never thought they were a good investment, I was always worried to spend so much money on subscription boxes without knowing what came with them…

However, that all changed last week when I received GeekGear’s ‘World of Wizardry’ and ‘World of Wizardry Wearable’ boxes! The first box contains seven pieces of merchandise, from both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them whilst the second box, you’ve guessed it, comes with four wonderful t-shirts and a poster!

World of Wizardry

The first item that caught my attention in this box was the Newt Scamander t-shirt, that had Pickett peeking out of the pocket! I’ve wanted this t-shirt for so long but never found one that was exactly the one I wanted so I was completely over the moon when I saw that the July box included this!

When you get these boxes, you are asked to provide your house and this was immediately clear as to why. One of the items provided in July’s box was a Gryffindor bowtie. As cute as this is, I wouldn’t wear it as a bowtie, so I will probably attach it to my bag like I have with badges because it would be ashame not to use it!

Within these boxes, you also receive GeekGear exclusives. Thus meaning you cannot buy them from anywhere else – in this box, there were two items exclusive to them which I absolutely love! The first item is a Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them print with drawings of the Niffler, with annotations about the features of it. I really love this because the Niffler is one of my favourite beasts from the film so it’s a great piece to add to my collection!

The second exclusive item is an enamel pin, July’s pin was Harry holding Hedwig – he was #2 out of the badges as June’s box had Hagrid! I was really lucky with this pin as they come in three styles – original, silver or gold, and I got gold! Whilst this makes Harry look like he’s a Hufflepuff, it is a really cute badge and I love it!

The fifth item in the box is a Chamber of Secrets coin! This is probably one of my favourite items, displaying the opening of the Chamber of Secrets that Harry has to talk parseltongue to! It is quite a weighty coin, which shows the quality of it, and it comes in a clear plastic display case so it is great to have on show!

The last two items of the box are 100% my favourite things and I am so so happy that they were included! These were Harry’s glasses and a replica wand, which turned out to be Snape’s! I already owned a pair of Harry’s glasses from the studio tour, but they were a cheap £5 pair which consisted of a simple plastic frame with no lenses in…

However, the GeekGear pair are OUTSTANDING! They come as a thin metal frame, what you’d expect to see, and this pair come with lenses so they really are like his glasses. They also come in a really nice box which is great to have on display (which I will use because I don’t want to risk breaking the glasses!)

I also really love Snape’s wand. Whilst everyone knows he is probably my least favourite character and that I definitely wouldn’t spend my own money on his wand, it is really great to have with my collection! The only obvious difference from the GG wand to say the Noble Collection wand is the fact that the end is flat, rather than curved like most wands are. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic piece to have with this box!

It’s fair to say that I am completely blown away by the contents of July’s World Of Wizardry box and I CANNOT wait for this months to arrive!

World of Wizardry, Wearable!

This box, unlike the first, comes with four t-shirts and a poster! I don’t really buy Harry Potter t-shirts anymore, but I really like the four that were included in this box! The four t-shirts that were provided with the July box were:

White t-shirt with Gryffindor tie.

Black t-shirt, Owl Post Service.

Navy blue t-shirt with Hogwarts Castle.

Purple t-shirt with Luna Lovegood quote.

These are all fantastic t-shirts and they are really comfortable! My favourite out of the four would be the Hogwarts Castle t-shirt and the one with Luna’s quote on! I also really love the fact that they provide a Gryffindor poster with this box!

Whilst this is my first time ever having a subscription box, I know I am going to absolutely love getting them as the contents of Julys box was simply incredible. If you’ve ever had any doubts about getting these boxes, STOP! I’d strongly recommend getting them, even if it’s a one-off because you will not be disappointed! I will provide the link to their website and the prices below so if any of you are interested, you don’t have to mess around trying to find them!

World of Wizardry Subscription & World of Wizardry Wearable Subscription*

*PLEASE NOTE, these are two different boxes so you would have to subscribe to BOTH if you wanted both.

T-Shirt size: Kids – XS to XL. Adults – S to 3XL.


Month to Month: £19.99

3 Month Prepay: £56.97 (save £1 per month!)

6 Month Prepay: £107.94 (save £2 per month!)

12 Month Prepay: £203.88 (save £3 per month!)

World of Wizardry & World of Wizardry Wearable NON Subscription boxes

It is worth noting that if you don’t want to sign up to the subscription box, you can pay £24.99 for either box and get a one off which will come with the same items as the subscription boxes! However, it is cheaper if you do subscribe, so keep that in mind!


It is also worth noting that you can buy items from the store if there’s one thing you really wanted! For example, you can buy t-shirts that came in the boxes the month before, or buy the Hagrid pin that came in the June box! This is great for people who just want one or two items that were in the boxes!



  1. I have just started to subscribe to this box and I´m so excited to see what goodies it will have. Yet I am a bit disappointed that I missed out of that Luna shirt because that one is awesome!


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