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For way over a year since I started my merchandise themed Instagram account, which you can find here, I constantly get messages asking where I get everything from or where can people get the cheapest funko pops from so I thought I’d address all of it via a blog post!

Funko Pops!

The most popular request out of any of the merchandise I own, is where is the best place to get funko pops from… I am very particular about where I buy my funkos from, I have to have a perfect box and if it is in the slightest bit damaged I refuse to buy it!

There are two websites where I get funko pops from and I honestly could not recommend them highly enough! These are EMP and Razmatazz. I have ordered funko pops several times from both websites and the quality that they arrive in is fantastic – they come completely secure in order to prevent the box or the funko getting damaged.

The other shop I would recommend, whilst I haven’t ordered online from them but went instore, is Forbidden Planet. Each time I have gone into the shop in London, there has been a fantastic selection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts ones and they have all been in perfect condition!

Replica books

SO many people have asked me where you can purchase the replica books that I always post about, and the answer is through alarmeighteen. You can find my blog post about his books here, hopefully it convinces you to buy them because they are fantastic!



One of my favourite places to get clothing – tops, pyjamas, socks etc is from Primark. They sell really affordable pieces of Harry Potter clothing, and you can almost guarantee that they will always have something HP related instore so it’s definitely worth having a look if you’re ever near there!

Another place is EMP as listed above in the funko section, they sell fantastic things such as tops and jumpers – the famous R sweater is my favourite item of clothing from there!

I’d also recommend the Harry Potter Studio Tour and the Platform Nine and Three Quarters Shop – although both are on the more pricey side, the quality of them is fantastic and things such as their hoodies are SUPER comfortable!


Anyone who has been following me on Instagram for awhile will know that I absolutely adore bookmarks! Even though I only use one at a time, I have a serious obsession with collecting them!

My top places to get bookmarks from are mybookmark, thesortingkat, and the Harry Potter Studio Tour where you get given free bookmarks at the till!


My favourite place to get Harry Potter stationery is, again, the Harry Potter Studio Tour! The pens they sell are incredibly comfortable to write with, and their notebooks are to die for – they are SO gorgeous!

Another good place for stationary is Waterstones, where they sell gorgeous notebooks!

There are so many incredible shops to get some fantastic Harry Potter merchandise, and the list is endless. Whilst I didn’t include them, it’s always a good idea to check websites such as Amazon & eBay, and this is only a short list that I could think of. There are definitely more sections of merchandise that I could talk about but these are the ones that get brought up in questions more so I really hope you found these useful!

If there are any shops you like that I haven’t mentioned, or you have questions about any other merchandise that I’ve missed out, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!


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  1. I love forbidden planet so much!!!!!! You’re definitely right, it’s a great place to funkos!😊❤ Great blog post Shauna and very helpful. Thanks👏


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