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When you’re a fan of any kind of series, be it a book/film series or TV shows, nine times out of ten you want replicas of whatever it is you like the look of most. For Star Wars fans it might be Lightsabers, for Disney fans it’s currently the mad Primark craze of the famous Chip cup! For me, with Harry Potter, it was ALWAYS Advanced Potion Making that I was after but I could only ever find it on the cover of notebooks!

Just over a year ago, I was searching the explore page on Instagram and came across an account named alarmeighteen, and decided to have a look. I soon discovered that this person actually made replicas of the books in the Harry Potter films, and this included Advanced Potion Making! He has also made Tales of Beedle the Bard, Hogwarts: A History and is currently in the process of finishing Defence Against the Dark Arts. Jack, the guy behind alarmeighteen, was very kind to offer to send me APM free of charge in return for some promotion on my page which I was more than happy to do and since then he has been more than kind enough to send me the next two in his list!

Advanced Potion Making

“This book is the property of the Half Blood Prince”


Everything about this book screams that it is a MUST HAVE for fans of Harry Potter. When you first open the book, you’ll notice that it is split into several sections:

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One – An Introduction to Alchemy
  • Chapter Two – Alchemical Symbols
  • Chapter Three – Potion Making Equipment
  • Chapter Four – Common Ingredients
  • Chapter Five – Nearly Impossible Potions
  • Chapter Six – Standard Potions
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Notes

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I first received this book, but everything about it was perfect – even the way it came wrapped! The book is hardback, and the front cover is worn out/aged, like the one Harry has in Half Blood Prince.

In total, there are 191 pages and along with full pages of text they include pictures, diagrams and annotations. If you were to ever want a Hogwarts textbook to make you feel like you really were a student there, this is definitely the book to get! Pages with potions on come with ingredients, special equipment, instructions & warnings, whilst other pages come with an A-Z full of pictures of ingredients you may come across.

The quality of this book inside and out is phenomenal, and it is generally a great addition to have if you are a big fan of replicas. It’s also fantastic to have in terms of taking pictures, in March I took mine to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London and took some great pictures with the books, especially with the potions classroom set as a backdrop! You can find these on Jack’s Instagram page here.

Tales of Beedle the Bard

“There were once three brothers who were travelling along a lonely, winding road at twilight.”


Do you remember the book that Hermione was given as part of Albus Dumbledore’s will? This book is exactly that, including the five famous stories:

  • The Wizard and the Hopping Pot
  • The Fountain of Fair Fortune
  • The Warlock’s Hairy Heart
  • Babbity Rabbity and Her Cackling Stump
  • The Tale of The Three Brothers

Like it would be in the film, this book comes in the style of runes but included with it is Hermione’s translation sheet of the runes so that you can work out what each word says. I think this is an excellent touch to the book, making it a really fun aspect for people to go through each story in detail.

Everything about this book is wonderful – the attention to detail on the front cover is INCREDIBLE! And I also love that the Deathly Hallows symbol has been added to the inside front page, making it completely identical to the one we get introduced to in the film!

Hogwarts: A History

“I read about it in Hogwarts: A History!”


We all know that famous line Hermione says as she walks into the Great Hall for the first time, and it fills me with so much joy that this book is genuine. The most recent out of the three to be made, I can say this one is probably my favourite. There are ten chapters in this famous book by Bathilda Bagshot, including:

  • Introduction
  • The Hogwarts Four
  • The Castle & Grounds
  • The Houses of Hogwarts
  • Subjects & Classes
  • Teachers & Staff
  • Spirits & Spectres
  • Artefacts & Heirlooms
  • Events & Traditions
  • About the Author

This book is everything I wanted AND more! It is so full of text that you certainly wouldn’t be able to put it down and it has the most beautiful illustrations by a wonderful girl called Natashia, who you can find on Instagram.  

The style of this book is exactly what you’d expect to see if you were to take it out of the library at Hogwarts, the cover is identical to the actual thing and it really feels like you’re at Hogwarts when you’re reading all about it. Nonetheless, Jack also includes copies of the Hogwarts Library cards with signatures including Harry, Draco & Neville for taking books out which adds a great touch!

These three books are absolutely incredible and I’m super excited to see what Defence Against the Dark Arts is like! Whilst some may have doubts about buying these books, I would 100% recommend getting any of them – they really are worth the money, especially as after this next batch is done Jack may not be doing them again, or if he does, it will not be for a few years! I’d like to say a massive thank you to Jack for sending me these three books, I couldn’t be more grateful, if you have any questions about any of the books, please message Jack here.




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