June Merchandise Wrap-Up! / 24

In June  I was given the opportunity to partner up with three different companies to help promote their incredible products, and I feel incredibly lucky to be given the chance to do so!

The Fragrance Library

After a few months spent perfecting this candle, the Luna Lovegood scent was finally ready to be sent out and I love it!

Coming with the description ‘Luna is a quirky mix of citrus, lavender, and Dirigible plums’, it is the perfect way to sum up what you would expect Luna to smell like, and the strong smell of citrus almost makes you feel like you’re next to her!

This candle is a very generous size, in terms of height it is a couple of centimetres off from an averaged sized mug. The colour is a warm yellow, what you’d normally see on a vanilla candle which makes it a very inviting candle to have.

Bookworm Candles

At the beginning of June, it was announced that Bookworm Candles would be starting a new mini candle tin collection named ‘Furry Friends and Magical Creatures’ and I was lucky enough to receive four out of the 12 created. These were:

  • Hedwig – ‘Sacrifice, white feathers & flying.’
  • Buckbeak – ‘Grace, good manners & soaring.’
  • Pickett – ‘Green leaves, wood & pockets.’
  • Niffler – ‘Gold, sparkle & light fingered.’

Of course two of the candles are related to Harry Potter whilst the other two are related to the more recent addition to the Wizarding World, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

Both Hedwig & Buckbeak have a very fresh scent to them, almost what you’d expect to smell from them once they’ve been flying – a real fresh air scent. Whilst the others, Pickett & the Niffler, have a strong fruity smell to them which I must admit, is not how I’d originally think of when envisioning their smell.

They’re also very presentable – they come in a very lovely silver tin, making it easy to store and the colours of the candles represent the colour of whichever animal the scent is! The Niffler candle is 100% glittery gold and by far my favourite out of the four!

Muggle Born Sisters & Rad Girl Creations

Whilst these companies sell various pieces of merchandise separately or within collaborations together, what really caught my attention was their Harry Potter pins.

There are currently four that they sell:

  • Chocolate Frog
  • Portkey
  • Grindylow
  • Skele-Gro

When they approached me asking if I would be willing to do a partnership with them, I simply couldn’t turn them down! I was given a choice of which two pins I would like, and I just HAD to have the Grindylow & Skele-Gro pins!

The Grindylow is about the size of a 50 pence coin in terms of height and width, whilst the Skele-Gro pin is about the height of two 1 pence coins, but much thinner in width. Both are small enough to easily attach to a bag or whatever you would want pins to go on!

I’d just like to say a huge thank you to all three companies for arranging these partnerships, their customer service is fantastic so I would definitely recommend buying from each of them!


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