I visited the Pottermore Pop-Up Shop! / 23

From July 1st – July 7th, Pottermore have set up a pop-up art shop on Portobello Road in London! Luckily enough, I was already planning a trip to London on July 1st so I was able to go in and have a look!

Please note that all of the pictures used below are mine, so please give appropriate credit if you are going to use them!

There are two floors of the shop, and both are full of gorgeous Harry Potter prints! The first set of prints that caught my eye were the seven stunning book cover designs by Olly Moss, all of which have a hidden image – a feature that makes these prints even better than they first appear! (Also, the prints are in a straight line, it is my photography that makes it appear on an angle!)


Also on this floor was this very colourful set of three prints with famous quotes on them. Whilst of course you can buy them separately to one another, they definitely look better when all three of them are together! This set of three was probably one of my favourites throughout the gallery, and what I love even more is that when you are walking towards the stairs to go down, there is a wall sticker with the exact same quote as the first print you see below which is GORGEOUS! img_7779.jpg

IMG_7759As much as I love the prints on the first floor, the prints downstairs were actually breath-taking! Again, just like the wall sticker before you reach the stairs, there is also one at the bottom of the stairs which is even more colourful and probably one of my favourite quotes! (As it was right next to the stairs, it was hard to get a full picture of it without getting any of the staircase in!)


The first thing that really caught my attention was the four paper sculptures by Andy Singleton. All four of them were dotted around each corner of the back part of the room surrounded by prints of the sculptures. Also in the middle of the two back corners was a TV screen showing you how each of the sculptures are made and it really makes you appreciate the time and effort that goes into them, but just by looking at them you can see it is clearly worth it!


Also downstairs but in the other half of the room were several prints by Atomhawk, which contained some of my favourites out of the gallery. From Arriving to the Burrow to the Gryffindor Common Room, there was a bit of everything for everyone! What made me so particularly fond of these prints were not only the attention to detail, but the gorgeous colours used to really capture the heart of each image!

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The prints come in two different forms – posters which are sold at £19.95 and mounted prints at £34.95! Whilst the shop is closing in a couple of days, you can still buy them on their website, however it is only available to the UK for the time being!
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  1. Thank you for letting us know they are available on the website! I was so annoyed I couldn’t get to visit the shop, this post has saved my life! 😘

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