FOUR incredible HP accounts on social media!!

Over the past two years, I have discovered some amazing accounts on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. As there are four days left until the anniversary, I thought I’d pick out four social media pages that I think are fabulous and you should definitely check out!

All photos used in this blog post are not my own, and I have asked permission from each person so credit to all four of the people I will mention – do not repost any of them without giving full credit!

1. @xavierboldu on Instagram!

Xavier has one of my absolute favourite accounts on Instagram, his pictures and videos really are magical and I honestly look so forward to everything he posts! He posts pictures from various trips to places such as The House of MinaLima and the Harry Potter studios along with pictures of his merchandise and unique videos that really make you feel like you’re at Hogwarts! His account definitely deserves some more recognition because his photos are just absolutely stunning, so please go and check out his page! Examples of his gorgeous photos on Instagram can be found below! 

2. @thefizzingwhizzbee on Instagram!

Just like Xavier’s page, Kirsten has an absolutely beautiful feed full of wonderful Harry Potter photos! She too posts pictures from trips such as the Harry Potter World in America along with her wonderful merchandise pictures!

Her account is full of complete Potter goodness, so if you feel you need more of that in your life, you definitely need to check out her page!

3. lauraalwayspottering on YouTube!

Laura is one of my favourite Potter accounts on YouTube, her videos are brilliant – but what’s just as good if not better than her videos are her cosplays! My favourite cosplay of hers is the Pygmy Puff and her most recent one which is the Golden Snitch! A lot of my followers already know a lot about Laura and absolutely adore her page, but if you haven’t heard of her account before you really should go and check it out!

4. TheBakeey on YouTube!

I discovered Sophie’s page in March just before we both went to the Forbidden Forest preview at the studios, and now I absolutely love her page. She posts daily videos at 6pm and they are so full of Potter it is absolutely crazy! I have never seen anyone’s room full of so much Harry Potter merchandise in my life! Again, a lot of my followers already know about her page, but if you haven’t watched any of her videos, I’d definitely recommend going to have a look!

Unfortunately I could only mention four accounts from Instagram and YouTube but there are SO MANY incredible accounts out there, these are just a handful of my favourites! Nonetheless, you really should check out all of their accounts if you get a chance to, you won’t regret it! As always, I’d like to know your thoughts so please give this a like and leave a comment – who are your favourite Harry Potter pages on social media? Would you like to meet any of them? Thank you!



  1. Both of your Harry Potter accounts are my favourite!!!😊 I would love to meet you! Hopefully that will be possible during the summer. Awesome blog btw!!!!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Šβ€πŸ‘


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