Gryffindor edition of PS!

As many of you know, this month marks the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and to celebrate that, Bloomsbury have released special house editions of the book! What better way to show off your house pride than to have a book designed specifically to your house! They have released both hardback and paperback versions of these books – and if like me, you pre-ordered them from the website before the release date you also got a house themed bookmark to go with them! After an agonizing wait of seeing everyone else getting theirs and still having to wait for mine, it has finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier!

The cover of the hardback Gryffindor book is completely stunning! I honestly love everything about it (apart from the fact mine has weird marks on it but we’ll ignore that!) I love how the spine is red and yellow striped on the side but red on both the top and bottom along with the entire red design of the text on the front, nothing says house pride like this book!

Nevertheless, before you get onto the story, there is now an entire section of the book dedicated to your house. For my book there is: ‘Gryffindor: An Introduction’, ‘Making Gryffindor’s proud’, ‘House Founder: Godric Gryffindor’, ‘House Relic’, ‘House Livery’ and so much more! I think this is a really nice touch to the book because it’s nice to delve into more detail about the houses, so it’s definitely something to check out! There are also additional sections added to the back, such as ‘The Sorting’, ‘Hogwarts Quiz’, ‘House Common Room’, ‘Memorable Hogwarts Students’ and again, so much more! It’s great to have things like this added to the book because a lot of people have hesitated buying them because they already have PS, but this is completely different so I’d definitely recommend buying it if you’re unsure!

Another favourite thing of mine is the bookmark! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I am a complete sucker for bookmarks, especially those from the HP studios in London. So again, to have something that can show your house pride is fantastic and I love the fact that it states the three main traits of the Gryffindor house! Definitely a bonus for pre-ordering the books early!

I’m super happy with this book, everything about it is perfect! I’d love to know if you guys have the books – whether they’re hardback or paperback (both equally as gorgeous) and which house edition you have, maybe you have all four? It’d be great if you could leave a comment to let me know and remember to look below for my previous posts!



  1. Oh wow, the Gryffindor edition looks stunning! Still waiting for my slytherin hardback to finally arrive – takes a bit longer here in Germany. I just can’t wait bc I am so excited to read all the extra informaton. Amazing Blogpost, Sauna! Keep it up xx

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  2. I wanted to buy the hardback slytherin version but I thought it would just be the story without any extras. But because you said there are special stories in it I will probably buy it. Btw I really like this post and your blog


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