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Hello witches, wizards and muggles! Apologies again that I’ve been M.I.A this week, I had my final week of university and had to do an exam but that is now out of the way until the end of September which means I get lots of time to work on my blog!! *yay* For this weeks post I decided to host a ‘Q&A’ on my Instagram, allowing my followers to ask me several questions that I would answer on here so that you can all get to know me a bit better! (Even though, a lot of my followers know a lot about me already!)

Why did you go to university and what do you want to do in the future?

This is always a great question for me because believe it or not, I never actually wanted to go to university! All of my friends were constantly panicking about which universities they would apply to and what grades they needed etc and I really had no intentions of it… However, *some* teachers at my school were quite pushy about people applying to university and they heavily encouraged me to do so – luckily I did and I was extremely fortunate to be given an unconditional offer for my first choice university (for those of you that don’t know what an unconditional means, it’s that you are guaranteed a place at the university REGARDLESS of the grades you get – so I didn’t have to meet the grade requirements!) To answer the second part of that question, I don’t know. Does anyone?

How has Harry Potter influenced or changed your life?

Harry Potter has honestly changed my life in so many ways! It has given me the most incredible friends that I could possibly ask for – both on and off the internet which I couldn’t be more grateful for! But it has given me the most incredible experiences and memories, I’ve been so incredibly lucky to visit places such as the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London several times and I’ve been able to meet a couple of actors from the films – Daniel Radcliffe & Jason Isaacs who are the nicest people! More recently, it has given me the most incredible opportunity that any fan of Potter could ask for – I’m now an intern for MuggleNet which is just fantastic! Harry Potter is and always will be a huge part of my life for so many reasons and I’m so thankful to J.K Rowling for her amazing magical world!

If you were to be a background character in any of the books, which book would it be?

This is a really good question, I’ve never really thought of this before! Now that I have had chance to think about it, I’d definitely choose Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone! I think I’d pick this one because it is the book where it all started, so it would definitely be a fantastic one to start off in.

Do you have any other interests that are super strong like Harry Potter?

I used to, but not anymore. I absolutely adored a band called ‘The Wanted’, I love them just as much as Harry Potter but unfortunately the band decided to split a few years ago which really had an impact on me because I had so many amazing memories, just like Potter, with this band! Since then I spent a lot of time focusing all my love on Harry Potter so I haven’t really had time to be interested in anything else if that makes sense?? There’s nothing else that I want to be this devoted to…

What do you think your life would be like if you never discovered Harry Potter?

This is quite a tough question to answer because Harry Potter has been a HUGE part of my life for years… Although until 2012, it wasn’t as big a part as it is now. I used to go to concerts all the time, as I mentioned in the previous Q&A, I used to love The Wanted so they kind of took over my life. So I wouldn’t say my life would have been boring without Harry Potter, because I was interested in other things, but it definitely wouldn’t be as good as it is now and I’m entirely grateful that I discovered it!

What do you think about Draco and what is your opinion on Dramione?

I ABSOLUTELY love Draco Malfoy. Like words cannot explain how much I love that boy – I know people see him as a bully etc but we’re not getting into that, I just think he deserved better and I love him with all my heart!

I got asked by a couple of people what my opinion on Dramione is, and I don’t mind the ship (I used to be a massive Dramione stan) but now that I think about it I do prefer Romione (Ron+Hermione) as a ship! But I totally respect everyones ships so please respect mine!

Why do you like Harry Potter?

This is always a good question to ask. As cheesy as it sounds, the books and the films are just magical. So so magical. They take you to a whole other world that is just so brilliant you can’t help but like it – Harry Potter has been a friend for me when I needed him the most and that made me like it even more. Nevertheless, Harry has helped me make friends with such amazing people which again has made me like him even more. I just love everything about this wizarding world and I think admiration is the right word to use for it – I just adore it.

What’s your opinion on Eleanor & Park?

Ok so I’m gonna start this off by saying that I want no spoilers – I’m about halfway through so I haven’t finished it yet but my goodness, I absolutely love it!! It’s such a fantastic book and I have a great feeling when I’m reading it just like when I read Fangirl. Rainbow Rowell is a fantastic author and it’s really a great read!

If you could spend one day with any famous person, alive or dead, who would it be?

If I had to pick ONE, then of course I would choose J.K Rowling! There are so many things that I would love to be able to ask her and to be in her presence for that long would just be incredible. If I had another choice then obviously I would pick Tom Felton because we all know how much I love him!

Are you in a relationship?

This is one of the first and I think one of the only personal questions I’ve been asked! The answer is no…

What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour is blue! But more of a turquoise colour than navy or something!

Who was your favourite person to meet out of the cast members of HP, CC or FBAWTFT?

This is a really tough question, because all of the cast members are absolutely incredible and the nicest people I’ve ever met! But if I had to choose, I’d say Daniel Radcliffe and Eddie Redmayne. Not because they’re the main characters in the films but just because of how genuinely lovely they were, I was super nervous to meet them but they were both so down to earth and made the experience so much nicer – especially as they both were rushing to meet as many fans as they could!

Who is your favourite character from HP and FBAWTFT?

My favourite characters from Harry Potter are Draco Malfoy and Sirius Black and my favourite characters from Fantastic Beasts are Newt Scamander and Queenie! All precious characters!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this blog post – a lot of the questions were the same so I hope I’ve answered most of them and that you feel like you know me a little bit better! It was quite fun getting all of the questions from you! Thank you for reading and as always, I’d love to know your comments and thoughts about my posts! Also, please look below to check out my previous blog post – it would be great if you did!




  1. This is so interesting. I absolutely love getting to know new Harry Potter fans as I am just as devoted to Harry Potter as you are. Thank you for making this wonderful blog post for all of us to see!


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