Exam stress and how to deal with it!

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Hello everyone! This weeks post is going to be a non-fandom related post! With GCSE and A-Level exams starting, I thought it would be a good idea to blog about how to deal with the stresses and anxiety that exams cause – having been there myself, I know how it feels and struggled with how to cope!

Revision Tips!

1. Make sure that you have all of the information you need to be able to revise – there’s no point trying to revise if you haven’t got everything you need for that exam! For example, if you’ve missed a lesson and haven’t had the vital notes, make sure you get them!

2. Reread over your notes and highlight the important parts – try NOT to highlight everything on the page (I’m quite good at that and it doesn’t help), highlight key words or themes that you’ll remember or could quickly go to when reading your notes.

3. If you’re like me, rereading notes may not help. I find that rewriting your notes is more helpful – one of the key tips I was given during A-Levels was when writing down key words or dates (especially for history) was to write them down five times, as doing this means it’s more likely for you to remember! Doing this did really help me remember so it’s definitely worth doing!

4. There are many ways for you to rewrite notes and again, it is different for different people. I have two specific preferences when it comes to writing down notes for revision purposes – mind maps and flash cards! I find these really useful methods because it allows you to get down the key information you need rather than pointless notes – this is especially true for flash cards as the amount of space on them does not allow for you to write loads.*

*You can buy flashcards from most supermarkets/stationary shops and they come in different sizes and colours – meaning you could have different colours for different subjects which is very helpful when it comes to organising your notes!

5. Sometimes you might want to find out more information but you’re not entirely sure what to use that will benefit you during revision… When I experienced this last year, I came across a website called ‘getrevising‘ which allows you to look up specific topics within subjects in a various form of methods – flashcards, mindmaps, quizzes and so on! I found using this website extremely beneficial as most of the resources on there have been set up by other students who have also been revising!

Trying to deal with stress!

Exams can be stressful for anyone, some more than others and if you’re anything like me, you get easily stressed over the smallest of things! However, there are some ways to try and prevent getting as stressed during the exam period!

1 – Sometimes people try to revise ten different subjects in about two hours, THIS DOES NOT WORK. You should try to split up your revision time by giving yourself a certain amount of time to revise ONE subject to prevent you getting confused. A good way of doing this would be to set up a revision timetable – this sounds really lame and I thought the same when I first got told to do this, but it really helps!

2 – As well as breaking up the time you spend on a specific subject, I recommend taking regular breaks during your revision. When I revised, I gave myself an hour per subject, 45 minutes revision, 15 minute break then onto the next subject. This really helped me as I found after 45 minutes I was loosing focus and that meant after that nothing was going in, so essentially revising was becoming pointless.

3 – In the famous words of Remus Lupin, I’d recommend eating chocolate – this really helps to relieve stress during exams and I don’t even need to explain that!

4 – If you suffer with anxiety quite badly throughout the exam period, I suggest trying out some mindfulness techniques – you can find different ones online, youtube videos are especially handy! I didn’t learn about this until I was in A2, but it really helped me calm down and not get overwhelmed with stress and anxiety so I’d definitely recommend testing this out!

On the day of your exam!

1 – If you have an early exam, make sure that the night before you have had an early nights sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed on the day of your exam. I’d suggest getting to the exam hall about 30 minutes before your exam and bringing your notes so you can have a last minute read over them – I did this before every exam and it really helped!

2 – If you can, try not to talk to anyone about thoughts of what might come up in the exam – this usually just makes people panic and then you’ll go into the exam worrying about questions. So if you can, just read your notes and try not to speak a lot about the exam!

3 – Lastly, make sure that you’re prepared for the exam – have a clear bottle of water (you don’t want to start having a coughing spree in the exam and have no water) and make sure you have a clear pencil case with several pens in case one runs out!

These are all of the tipsย that I can think of giving in terms of exams and how to deal with revision and stress! I really hope you guys found this post useful, and I wish you all the luck with your exams, I’m sure you’ll all do excellently!

Until next week, goodbye!


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