Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead & Meeting Daniel Radcliffe!

Hello witches, wizards and muggles! Apologies for my absence last week, but it’s been a bit of a busy week with university and an especially busy and crazy weekend! As many of you will know if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, this weekend I was surprised with tickets to see ‘Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead’ which stars Daniel Radcliffe! It was such an incredible play, it was funny from the very beginning and all of the actors and actresses in it were just AMAZING!

What happened after is still a blur to me, and I honestly still can’t believe it! I got to meet Daniel Radcliffe!! We came out of the show at around 10pm, and the queue was already huge to meet him so we had to wait until about 11pm to actually meet him! Before we went back inside, a security guard checked what we were getting signed as he said we were only allowed ONE thing signed, I had the Chamber of Secrets book and a poster in my hand so I chose the book and he marked my ticket and allowed me in…

When we walked in,Β he was stood behind a barrier talking to people, there were about 15 others waiting around for him to come and talk to them so we stood in the corner and waited for him to approach us!

After he was finished talking to the other fans that were around, he came up to me and I honestly couldn’t have been more nervous if I tried! He saw that I was holding both items so he grabbed the poster and said ‘do you want this signed?’ so I responded that I wanted the book signed because we were told we could only get one thing signed! After this, he was incredibly lovely and told me that he could in-fact sign both items and once he signed the poster he said ‘we only say that to keep away the professionals!’

After he had signed both my poster and the book, I got a hug from him and then got a picture! However, my sister was too slow at taking a picture of him hugging me so I, rather awkwardly, asked if I could get another hug so we could get a picture of it! He laughed but was more than happy to do it, and once we had hugged again, he asked my sister if she had got it this time! Even though I was incredibly nervous, and worried that he was going to get annoyed, he was completely humble and didn’t seem to mind at all which put my mind completely at rest!

After I hugged him, I asked him for ONE MORE THING.Β  And I was so so worried that he was going to get annoyed – I asked him if I could quickly get a selfie, because I knew the angle would be better, especially as I am taller than him! He laughed and said yes so I told him it was the last thing, and promised… So again, he laughed and said ‘no worries, you’re absolutely fine.’ He then took the selfie, which is probably my favourite picture from the whole evening, handed me my phone back whilst saying it was lovely to meet me and then he moved on to talk to my sister!

Daniel Radcliffe was honestly one of the nicest and most down to earth people I have ever met. Even though he must’ve been exhausted after performing two shows that day, he was more than happy to take several pictures and sign several things. As someone who adores the story of Harry Potter, it was an absolute honour to meet the person that played Harry, and it will certainly be a memory that I’ll treasure forever!

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading about my experience, because I certainly enjoyed writing it! Let me know your thoughts, have you ever met any of the Harry Potter cast members? Are there any that you really want to meet? I’d love to know your favourite part of this blog post! Thanks so much for reading, until Sunday, bye!



  1. Hey! Your blog was – as always – amazing. Although I always wonder how people meet the actors after a play. Like where do you usually line up?

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    • Hello, and thank you so much!
      I’ve only ever met people at Cursed Child & now R&GAD, but it’s usually at stage door (this is normally around the back of a theatre)
      But for Daniel Radcliffe there was a certain line you had to join because you met him inside, rather than at stage door, but I only knew this because the friend that I went with had already met him beforehand at the show! X


  2. Oh my goodness, Shauna, I could help but squeal whilst ready your post!!! 😍✨ It felt as though I were meeting him myself! 😭✨ You’re so lucky to have meet Dan, and I am always looking forward to your posts! Keep blogging, my dear. πŸ™πŸ’•


  3. OMG THAT IS AMAZINNNGGG! I wish I could meet someone from the cast. Robbie Coltrane always comes into my Mum’s work, but she’s too shy to get his signature and I missed Rupert when he was down the road at McDonald’s cuz of school 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


  4. It’s so good to hear you got the chance to meet him and hug him! He sounds wonderful and I’m glad you have this wonderful memory for the rest of your life. Happy to read your blog. Lots of love from another Potterhead!


  5. Your blog post was perfect – as always. Looking forward to hearing some more occasions like this.
    Kirsty xx

    P.S. I envy you so much


  6. I loved reading about your experience! It’s so amazing when people you look up to are just as lovely in real life. I haven’t met any of the HP cast but I was lucky enough to meet one of my favourite actors after seeing him in a play in London, and it was the best experience ever! He hugged me and we talked for a good 15 minutes and he was just so, so sweet. Its so nice to see celebrities who appreciate their fans!


  7. This is so cute! Congratulations! I can’t imagine how I’d react meeting Daniel… I used to work in a theatre myself and met people like Jimmy Carr and some more kinda low-key actors like from Neighbours and Eastenders so that’s a completely different ball game… Again, congrats! xx

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