Harry Potter Studio Tour – merchandise haul!!

Hello witches and wizards! So as many of you will know from my countless tweets and Instagram posts, this Friday I made my ninth visit to the Harry Potter studios in London! It was incredible, as always, see here for my review of the Forbidden Forest!

For this week’s post, I decided to do a merchandise haul! I know – its strange doing a haul on a blog, rather than YouTube videos, but I do not have a YouTube so what better than to write a blog post about the amazing merchandise that I got?! Before I get started, this is not a blog post to show off in any way, or to try to make myself look like such a ‘huge fan’ because it’s not anything like that, I just want to share the amazing things that I love with you all! When I went to the studio tour last time, because I went in the late evening, most of the items in the store that I wanted had sold out during the day so I was unable to get a couple of them… However, this time because we booked an early tour, they had all of the items that I really wanted! I’m going to show my merchandise is price order from lowest-highest and I’ll give a little description of each piece, so here we go!

So the first item of merchandise that I got was the new ‘Forbidden Forest shopper bag’ for £3! I absolutely love these bags from the studio tour, I have three others – Platform 9 3/4, Hogwarts in the Snow and the newer Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them bags! The quality of them is fantastic, and they hold things really well – obviously, as with all bags, you don’t want to overfill them with heavy items but they do hold a good amount of weight!

The second item that I got was one that I wanted to buy when I went in March, but unfortunately was too late to get it… Harry Potter’s glasses for £5! It probably seems shocking that I don’t have one of the most iconic things from the series, but it’s just never crossed my mind to buy them! However, I am now a proud owner of them and I couldn’t be happier!

The next item of merchandise I got, which is probably one of my favourites from this haul, is the Harry Potter studio tour exclusive chocolate frog charm for £8! Usually I would NEVER spend that much money on a charm, but because it is exclusive to the studio tour, it costs a lot of money on other sites such as eBay – where it is £16! I really do love this charm, the frog looks amazing and the detail on the card looks incredible considering it is so small!

I wasn’t going to include this into my merchandise haul, but I guess it could be considered so why not! As always when I go to the studio tour, I get either Butterbeer or the ice cream, and this time I chose the ice cream! You can choose whether you want it in the waffle cone or the souvenir cup – so obviously I went for that! It costs £6.95, but the dish is really cute and it’s a great thing to add to your collection!

I also got the newly updated souvenir tour guide for £9.95! Together with my family, I now have three different editions of the souvenir guide – one that we got in 2012, which is the original one, another that we got in 2016 that was updated for the Hogwarts Express and now the very up-to-date one which has the Forbidden Forest on it! Personally, I’m a bit disappointed with it, it’s incredible to see all the information about the studio tour and the props/sets that they have, but I was hoping for a bit more than just two pages on the Forbidden Forest! But either way, it’s a beautiful book and it’s wonderful to have the newest edition to my collection!

Another piece of merchandise that I really wanted to get last time but couldn’t was the light up Triwizard Tournament Cup for £13.95! For me, this is a really great piece of merchandise to have, it looks incredible on display (and that is its purpose, decorative only) If Goblet of Fire is either your favourite book or film, I’d definitely recommend buying this! The detail on the cup is magnificent, and the light up part is an incredible touch which really made my decision to buy it!

The last and most expensive piece of merchandise I got, which is by far my favourite item out of this haul, is the Slytherin Quidditch top for £25.95! You’re probably all wondering why I got this when I am a Gryffindor, but there’s a special touch on the back that made me get it… On the back of the t-shirt it says ‘Malfoy’, and as I am the biggest Draco Malfoy fan, I just had to get it! Unfortunately the website only shows the Gryffindor t-shirt which has ‘Potter’ on the back but they also have Hufflepuff with ‘Diggory’ and Ravenclaw with ‘Chang’! They are great tops to have and super comfy, so I’d definitely recommend getting one if you were interested or having doubts!

So that concludes the end of my merchandise haul from the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter! As always, there’s so much I could buy from there but I’d have to be saving for years! I really hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, and as always I would love to read your thoughts on it, what was your favourite piece of merch that I got? What’s been your favourite merch that you have got from there? Any merch suggestions? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you next week!




  1. Wow i didn’t know they have exclusiv studio tour merch o.o
    I startet a bracelet with these hp charms and i plan to by an new one every time when i visit london. So now when that i know there is a chocolate frog charm i totaly have to by it 😉 thank you


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