Pottery things to do in London!

Hello everyone! Before I get started, I wanted to say a huge thank you for the response to my previous post… I received a lot of lovely messages about it and I really appreciate it!

This week, I’ve decided to write about Harry Potter related things that you can do in London… A lot of people message me on Instagram to tell me they’re going to London and they want to do Harry Potter activities but never know what’s available, so I thought it was best to make a list!

1. Warner Brothers Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter!

Anyone who follows me either on Twitter or Instagram, or just keeps up to date with my blog will know that I am a complete sucker for the Harry Potter studios! For me, this is probably the best thing for a Potter fan in London… Rather than me going through how you get there etc, I’m going to link my blog post from my shared account with my best friend on tips for the studios here!

2. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

Although it is completely sold out for months, there are ways you can get tickets to see the nine Olivier award winning show, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

The first way is to try the ‘returns queue’ at the theatre itself. This works by queuing up on the side of the theatre where box office is – if you’re looking at the theatre head on from the front, it is the left side! I have never tried this myself, but a follower on Twitter has tried this before – you wait in the queue to find out if there are any returned tickets and then they get offered on a first come first serve basis based on those that are in the queue! This does not mean the tickets are cheap, the price will vary, but the price will also dictate where you sit, but if you have the time, it is definitely worth a go!

The second way is checking both Nimax & ATG for returned tickets, which are usually premiums. Both of these websites you can access via the Cursed Child official website, but it is the safest way to buy tickets online! Occasionally, the website releases limited amounts of tickets that are returns, which usually get sold at premium price which is between £200-£250! Whilst these tickets are super expensive, apart from returns queue, for some people it is the only chance to get tickets! So, my suggestion is, if you can afford these tickets then get them!

The only other way to get tickets that I can suggest is if you happen to be by the theatre at any point, pop into the box office and just ask on the off-chance if they have any tickets! I know this doesn’t necessarily apply to those people in other countries who would have to book plane tickets based around when they get tickets for the show, so box office may be more of an option for those that are already in London!

3. Harry Potter film location walking tour!

Until September 2016, I had never experienced a Harry Potter walking tour, but now that I have done it I would 100% recommend it!

For me, there’s nothing more thrilling than seeing the actual locations either used for filming or that inspired the filming, and this walking tour definitely ticks all the boxes for this! My tour was booked with ‘BestTours‘ and I couldn’t recommend them enough! The tour guides were incredibly lovely, and they have a huge amount of knowledge about Harry Potter, but also about other things in London which I found very interesting! The biggest tip I would give if you were to go on this tour is make sure you have an ‘oyster’ card or you buy a ‘day travel pass’ for the underground, because you use it about four or five times on these tours in order to get around quickly! (Not all tours do this, but they will let you know via email beforehand so that you can get one and be prepared!)

4. House of MinaLima!

For those avid Potter fans who absolutely love all of the artwork and newspaper designs and everything like that in either Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, then the House of MinaLima is definitely the place for you! Located on Greek Street which is just at the back of Palace Theatre, it is the best thing to do between parts if you’re seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

I first got to visit the House of MinaLima back in August 2016, and at that point it hadn’t been open for very long so it wasn’t busy at all. However, now that has all changed. More so on weekends than weekdays, it gets extremely busy and once you get there, you usually have to book a timeslot to go in – especially as people who are at the theatre tend to visit it during the break between part one and two! The artwork is displayed across three/four floors, and it is stunning! One of my favourite parts is actually the floor, I can’t remember if it was just on the one floor, but they have a Marauders Map floor and it’s honestly one of the best things I’ve ever seen! They have so many newspaper articles framed all around the walls, from both HP & FBAWTFT along with many other things such as sweet wrapper designs! Honestly, I could write an entire essay about how amazing it is, but unless you see it yourself, you really don’t appreciate how beautifully detailed all of the artwork in the films are!

5. Platform Nine & Three Quarters shop at Kings Cross!

The Platform Nine & Three Quarters shop at Kings Cross is a MUST!! Until September 2016, I had never been (until summer last year, I had never really been to London on my own, it was always on trips so I was restricted to where I went) and WOW. It was incredible!

The first thing you’ll notice upon arrival near the shop is the photo opportunity you can have with the trolley between platforms nine and ten. You queue up (I waited for about 45 minutes in this queue) and once you get to the front, you are given the scarf of your house and you can pick whether you want a wand or not (I, of course, chose the Elder Wand!) Once you have picked the scarf and wand, you get told where to stand and where to look, you get to take a normal picture and then, if you so desire, can have another picture of you jumping! Once you have done this, you then go into the shop and you get to see your picture and can choose whether you want to purchase it or not! (You don’t have to have your picture taken at all, you can just go into the shop – but for those massive Harry Potter geeks, I’d 110% recommend getting it done!)

Once you get into the shop, you will be overwhelmed with the merchandise… IT IS INCREDIBLE!! What I really love about the Platform Nine & Three Quarters shop is, just like at WBStudios, they have different sections dedicated to each house – this makes buying merchandise incredibly easy as you just go over to the section that is your house! I love all of the things that they sell, but I really love the hair accessories that come in the house colours – last time I went, I got the Gryffindor & Slytherin (even though I am 100% a Gryffindor) hair scrunchies and I honestly love them so much! Either way, everything in the shop is incredible and even if you have no intentions of it, you will end up spending lots of money! However, if you can’t make it to Platform Nine & Three Quarters but still want to get the merchandise that they sell, then you can visit their website here!

There are so many amazing things to do in London that is related to Harry Potter, and most of them mean that you can have a whole day full of Potter! I really hope this post has helped anyone thinking of going to London that wants to do Potter things but wasn’t sure what you could do… I’m sure I haven’t mentioned everything you can do, but the list above are the ‘obvious’ list of amazing things to do! As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! I’m thinking of blogging more than once a week, but I’m not too sure… So comment below and let me know what you thought of the blog, and whether I should start posting more than once a week!



  1. This is such an amazing blog post omg! I really loved how you wrote about so many different thins and I live in London, and I feel like such a bad fan because I’ve only been to the shop 😦 one day I really hope to do the tours and see the cursed child. I’m so happy that you have so many lovely experiences in this fandom! Also I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH!!! Keep writing because you are incredible!! Mia xxx


  2. Wow!! I didn’t realise there were so many HP things to in London – I will definitely have to look into this more.
    Absolutely fantastic – and also, if you posted more than once a week, I’d definitely read them all,😊


    • Loved this blog post (even though I live near London!) I’m hoping to go to the studios again because they’ve added so much. I tried to get cursed child tickets in the summer but couldn’t afford any left by the time I reached the front of the queue. Hopefully I’ll go to kings cross some time as well! I was wandering if you’ve ever done some of the Harry Potter related stuff in northern England and Edinburgh- I went on holiday last week and visited Alnwick castle, a street which diagon alley was based off and the cafe which jk wrote some of Harry Potter in.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks so much! Kings Cross is incredible – and to answer you’re question, I’ve never done anything Harry Potter related in Northern England & Scotland but I hope to one day!


  3. It is amazing💕! !! This article helps me to make a list of harry potter activities when I am going to London😊! Besides i love your writing skills and that you include your own experiences 😄. I can not wait to read the next article.


  4. this is so great! i’ve done quite a few things on your list (going to see the cursed child in June) but you’ve reminded me I need to go to the house of Minalima! great post 🙂


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